Messenger Service

Messenger Service NYC
As much a part of New York City as good pizza and bad traffic, the bike courier is a vital part of the fabric of Manhattan. A skilled rider weaving through traffic signifies the fast pace of the city, and it’s a pace we have been setting for the last 25 years. Bicycle messengers are the foundation that Supreme was built upon and it continues to be the most effective choice for businesses in NYC.
Our messengers are uniformed professionals who take pride in knowing New York like the back of their hand and getting around it faster than anyone else. Bicycle messengers remain the fastest way to transport envelopes and small packages around Manhattan, and with an experienced dispatch team directing over 100 foot and bike couriers, Supreme has the resources and knowledge to move faster and more efficiently than any other courier service in New York. Some perks of our messenger service include:
Flat Rate Pricing
Supreme offers one flat rate that covers everything in Manhattan south of 96th street.
Automated Delivery Notifications
Receive signatures and know where your package is during all phases of delivery with our automated delivery notifications.
Dedicated Customer Service
If you have a problem, Supreme has a team of dedicated transportation specialists whose sole purpose is to focus on your individual need and provide a solution by any means necessary.
Some popular (or non-conventional) uses for our messenger service include:

  • Gift and PR distribution
  • Prescription delivery
  • Time sensitive documents
  • Serving court papers

Wait in line services

  • DMV
  • City Permits
  • Tickets and events

Small scale logistics

  • On site product refills
  • Functionality Spot checks